Tea. What does it mean to drink tea? For me — the taste of the new. Unknown Nothing freshens better than tea. Gourmet fragrance. After all, mix herbs, a masterpiece. You always prepare for it in advance. Because my tea is unique. Each stroke makes it special. Unique. But the vessel is full. The time of the first sip, which refreshes with a kiss, carrying away into the distance. Where the bush is ripening. The fate of which is a foregone conclusion.

Tea is not a tradition. This is the mystery of taste.


Devoting a lot of time to studying ancient recipes collected from different continents, I did not suspect how many discoveries are fraught with tea. True, introducing innovations, I had to seriously change the ancient canons. Bring a fresh perspective on taste shaping. You will taste tea with a pronounced, tart or sweet taste. However, over time, the taste will change, acquiring other shades. Using an innovative recipe, I created compositions that constantly reveal the inner potential of the drink. Sleeping for the time being. Various components will add their own, individual notes to the colorful palette. Constantly saturating the taste. Tea wakes up, comes to life in your hands. It opens like a tea rose bud. Having tasted the first cup, you will finish your tea party with a different aftertaste. My tea is alive. Constantly changing. I call it taste transformation.


A lifelong story

I was born in the East. Under the clear sky. Inhaling mountain air and quenching thirst with glacial water. My father often took me on trips where I learned tea. Since then, many glaciers have descended from the mountains. I left the East and explored the Empire from the southern borders, to the White Sea. From the Sea of ​​Okhotsk to the harsh Baltic. Wandering, gained invaluable experience and created an innovative recipe. People often ask me: why is it impossible to quench my thirst with my tea? I do not know. I can say one thing: you cannot quench your thirst with tea. There is water for this purpose. Tea, something else. This is a union. Copulation. Perfect tea does not have to please everyone. Quality is not often seen.